Energy Balancing & Reading 

This is an extremely powerful yet gentle session which has been developed by Diane  using her healing and psychic abilities, Diane is able to tap into and read her clients energy on many different levels: Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically and Past Lives.  Focus is on the seven major chakra which are connected to systems and organs in our bodies which give a lot of information.  The majority of the session would be on the head where two of the seven chakras are located. The pineal, which is the crown chakra and pituitary which is the third eye. After reading, clearing and balancing the seven major chakras, Diane works on clearing joints which energy can get trapped in.  The hips hold a lots of energy including the knee which can sometimes hold a person back or keep them off track. The session brings the different bodies of energy into alignment, and balance.

Cord Cutting is included, all thoughts are energy and where you flow your energy (your thoughts), you create an etheric cord to other people or they to you, places and things. This drains your energy on many levels. Often times connections to past lives are released and a healing also to the past-life self and the present-self takes place.

When the first part of the session, which is on the massage table fully dressed is complete, the client then moves to a chair and Diane explains what information she received and answers questions.

The Energy Balancing, Reading session takes about 1.5 - 2 hours. One hour on the massage table and the remainder with discussion and questions.  

This Energy Balancing, Reading session can be done in person or distance.