Psychic Reading

Diane is a compassionate, skilled and adept intuitive reader. She is naturally gifted and can provide insight, guidance and healing through her powerful connection with spirit. Her gentle guidance and clairvoyance can propel you towards your personal growth and spiritual journey. Through her readings, Diane acts as a conduit by relaying information that can enable and empower you to grow spiritually and physically by communicating with a loved one who has passed on, an Angel or a spirit guide. She can assist in guiding you on individual life issues/conflicts or easing the elimination of negative energy that may be affecting the mind and/or body- in the past, present or future.

Readings can be done without leaving your home. You don't have to be in the presence of the Intuitive to receive a reading. The only information that is required is your first and last name, because your name carries the imprint of energy that you are- from all time and space. It allows the reader to tap into and read your energy field.

Cord Cutting
We are electromagnetic beings, and because of that, we have the ability to attract things into our lives, whether they be good or not so pleasant. Think of yourself as a huge magnet. You will pull into your field whatever you put out. Remember the old saying "Be careful what you wish for- you may get it?" This is called manifesting- we do have power and can control it with our thoughts.

Sometimes we get an accumulation of negative energy attached to our field by other people's thoughts and problems- these are called etheric cords. They carry thought patterns through the flowing of energy from one person to another in parts of the body or corresponding chakras. Diane provides cord cutting and will include it in your reading if it is required.

Scheduling and Preparing for a Reading 
When scheduling, please have a time of day and length of session (30 or 60 minutes) in mind. Readings may be by phone, in person or by email. Your time zone is also required. 

Please have questions prepared prior to the session. It helps to focus our energy and direct the reading in order to get the most out of your session.