"Just letting you know I have reached the 1 week mark!!  I am so happy and know without your help I wouldn’t have been able to do it.  (hypnosis for stop smoking) Thank you so much."   -BG
"I enjoyed my phone reading with you, and honestly I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  I feel better than I have in MONTHS, so thank you, thank you, thank you!  Talking to you is just so powerful and soothing and it always makes me feel a million times better."  -LV
"Diane’s healing effects are deep, but subtle.  Weeks later I continue to feel myself healing and attracting healthy personal power."  -KF
"I have seen Diane Reeves on several occasions....she has a special touch that traveled through my whole body.  Seeing her was therapeutic it released a lot of stress and anxiety out of my body.  She truly is a gifted and talented woman.  I have recently moved out of the area and am traveling back to 'get my Dee fix' soon!!!"    -MP
"I am someone who is not easily impressed. I have been going to psychic/healers for about 35 years.  I was military, so I traveled a lot.  I know how hard it is to get a good and honest reading.  I must say my first visit to Diane was great.  She repeatedly tried to stop me form investing in something.  But I didn't listen so I lost a lot of money.  She took her time with my session and made sure all my questions were answered and Diane also gave me a copy of my visit on CD.  As I repeatedly listened to the CD I realized how spot on she was. My second visit was about 6 months after the first.  After all these years of going to healers I never had anything happen like this.  Diane asked me to hold out my hands.  And I actually felt the energy (first time ever and it was great). Diane is a keeper in my book and i can't wait to attend her classes. It took 35 years to find someone who can truly do it all. Thank You Diane"     -JK
"Meeting Diane for the first time is like reconnecting with a longtime friend you haven't seen in a while. Her home is warm and inviting, the perfect space for healing and revitalizing the soul. My past life regression experience was sensational. The message and healing I received during that session helped me completely transform a troublesome relationship in my present life. I am so grateful to have found Diane, and I look forward to our continued work together. I highly recommend booking a session with Diane, if you are ready to embrace the power energetic healing, and learn more about yourself in the process."    -D
"Diane has a calm and giving spirit that is apparent the moment you meet her.  My Reiki session with her was the first one I ever had and she spent a lot of time explaining this ancient healing art.  I felt a tremendous energy from our session and the powerful energy she helped me process has continued way beyond the actual session. I would recommend her in a heart beat."   -MTM
I contacted Diane via email and was impressed with her communication skills: prompt, helpful, concise and friendly. I immediately scheduled an energy balancing session and a separate past life regression. My sessions were thorough and rewarding. Diane has a tremendous gift and, thankfully, a desire to share it. I highly recommend Diane and her healing services. From the initial point of contact to follow-up emails, Diane was always humble and her energy emanated feelings of trust and kindness.
My session with Diane was extremely rewarding. Her energy is truly healing and extremely positive. I have sent many friends to her and they have all had wonderful experiences as well. I will continue to use her services as well as take classes from her in the future.
Having been ill for a lengtly time with no success with traditional medicine, family suggested a psychic healer, Diane Reeves. Feeling desperate, I opted for long distance healing, 3000 miles away! Diane was able to pinpoint my pain and relieve it. Diane is compassionate and kind. My deceased husband appeared to Diane. She described him accurately, sharing intimate details. Yesterday, the doctors informed me that my tumour was gone. I’m very grateful to Diane. I will continue to keep in touch
Gifted. The 1st word that comes to mind, when describing Diane. Powerful. The second. Expect to hear some hard truths you may or may not be ready to hear, but most definitely need to hear to make positive changes in your life. First and foremost, she is a healer. She is the real deal. If you are in need of peace, healing and clarity, Diane will gently guide you there with love and kindness. Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed.
Diane was on point with everything she told me. She is kind and compassionate. She explains everything in detail. Diane took the time I needed to start the healing process. I will continue to see her as she helps my energy level as well as my outlook
I have had two sessions with Diane and have been richly rewarded with each. She has tremendous healing energy that is very soothing and loving. She is so very talented and so giving. She has helped me to learn so much about myself and how to take care of my energies. I can bring any questions to her and I know that I am thoroughly listened to and assisted in healing. I am looking forward to my next session and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants energy healing.
I've had 2 wonderful readings with Diane and both were like nothing else I've every experienced. I had a Past Life Regression and an energy reading and balancing done. I felt like a new person after! Shes extremely welcoming and full of love and compassion, I felt comfortable with her immediately. I will definitely continue to use her services in the future as shes helped me immensely.
Wonderful and real.